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Friends enjoy flying with us in Parasailing

FLYER (per person)

10 min flight

Must be at least 7 years old


Family Flying with us in Parasailing



(under 7 yrs old)


*All prices are before taxes and fees.

Family enjoy flying with us in Parasailing


SD card to capture the unforgettable memories of your flight. Good for up to 4 flyers.


Sky-High Adventures for Groups: Experience the Thrill of Parasailing!

Take your group outings (over 15 people) to the next level with our exclusive parasailing experiences! Whether you’re planning a family reunion, an educational field trip, or a corporate team-building event, our parasailing adventures provide a unique and thrilling perspective above the sea. Let us help you create lasting memories high above the waves!
Large group of people going to enjoy an afternoon of Parasailing.